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Data Access

Data access banner depicting from left to right - radar image of a hurricane, a room full of servers, quicklooks data image, a picture of the PPS building, and a screenshot of TRMM data on Google Earth

Download TRMM Data

As the TRMM satellite passes over Earth, it collects data about our planet's precipitation systems using a variety of onboard instruments and sensors. This raw data is sent back to NASA ground control centers where it is analyzed and processed in a variety of ways. It is then distributed freely to the public though the NASA Goddard data center and used by precipitation scientists around the world to study our planet's weather and climate. Once the GPM Core Observatory is launched, it will relay precipitation measurement information through the same process.

TRMM data products are currently available from 1998 to the present. GPM data products will be provided following the launch of the GPM Core Observatory in 2014. Here we outline the types of products currently available for the TRMM and the various ways to query, view and download these precipitation products.

This section provides an overview of the PMM data products, including the following areas: