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Analysis of Heavy Rain over the Eastern United States

Although the heaviest rainfall over the past week was in the southern United States, flooding was reported in states from Louisiana to northern New York. The rainfall analysis above was made by merging precipitation data from multiple satellites. This Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) analysis used data products that were calibrated with TRMM precipitation data. These data products are calculated and stored at Goddard Space Flight center and are available within a few hours after being received by satellites.

This analysis indicates that the greatest total rainfall for the past week (shown in dark red) was over 300 mm (~11 inches) and was located over Alabama and Mississippi. Some of the Extremely heavy rainfall in this area was associated with  a tornado spawning thunderstorms. Much of the eastern United States was affected by rainfall totals of over 50 mm (~2 inches). Many areas had flooding with totals that were less than the extreme amounts shown on this analysis. In some cases this was due to rainfall speeding up the melting of snow.