Mission Updates

PPS Announcing tkio-3.80.29 Release

PPS is releasing version 3.80.29 build of the PPS TKIO toolkit for GPM Version 5 products and TRMM Version 8 data products 

This can be found at: ftp://gpmweb2.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov/pub/PPStoolkit/GPM/tkio-3.80.29/

The direct link to the tar file can be accessed here: ftp://gpmweb2.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov/pub/PPStoolkit/GPM/tkio-3.80.29/tkio-3.80.29.tar.gz

The most recent changes are in metadata:

3GSLHT cu3cw
3HSLHT cu3cw

Other changes are noted in the release notes documents in the FTP directory.

Please contact us for any questions.