Hurricanes and Typhoons

Latest Tropical Cyclone Data

The image below is the result of automatic processes designed to show the latest hurricanes and typhoons (tropical cyclones) observed by the TRMM satellite. The images are made and stored in near "realtime". The TRMM VIRS, TMI, and PR instruments are processed for use in these displays. The "A" to "B" line on the static image on the left below is drawn where the highest value of radar reflectivity was found. Animations show multiple vertical cross sections (slices) of Precipitation Radar reflectivity.

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Displays of realtime data on this site may be intermittent today due to server maintenance.

Latest Cyclone Data

Examples of hurricane and typhoon (tropical cyclone) rainfall analyses:

Analysis of Hurricane Katrina
Plan view showing the distribution of rainfall
accumulation near a tropical cyclone.

Time-radius distribution and the time-azimuthal
distribution of rainfall near the same tropical cyclone.

These analyses use the 3B42 global rainfall estimates. The technical point of contact for information about the above images is Dr Scott Braun.

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